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FOX Business
Apr 30, 2013 1:00pm EDT
, we've got a number of stocks we like in those areas, in finance aal space, allstate and bank of new york mellon. in consumer staples, recent upgrade is starbucks. we could dig into any of those if you would like to dig into them. ashley: on the bank side, the biggest concern, rob, of course the regular race -- regulation, the environment is not particularly friendly for profits. basel iii requirements on capital. doesn't that give you any concern? two names iashley. mentioned are not really what you would call the traditional money center, big lending banks. allstate, of course an insurance company, sells about 10 times earnings. pretty cheap. and of course it is the second biggest personal property casualty insurer. bank of new york mellon is a big processing bank. they don't make loans. they don't really have the potential for a big whale trade problem like we saw with one of the big money centers recently. the processing busiss is just going bank busters as trading volumes are starting to increase. you're right agree with you absolutely and shying away really from the bigger bank
FOX Business
May 2, 2013 9:20am EDT
because i can't read it. up 3%. profit fell at allstate and better than expected flat. bigger loss at avis budget, but company raised, flat. to the big board, look at this, a bounceback not all the way, but after the drop yesterday, we're up 50 points. time is money, 30 seconds, here is what else we've got for you, on our business, a travel theme today. we've got two states building a high speed rail, yes, did you know that? or trying to, and california and texas, okay, which one do you think is going to do it and do it right? i suspect that's a no-brainer, but we will ask the question, and give you the story. travel websites big profit. where is that money coming from? who is booking trips? here is a hint, it's not us. and they're piling into the private jet market, going commercial not really pleasant, is it? so get out of dodge. we'll talk to the man whose company has the first private yet app. we've got it all. and then we've got legal marijuana, in colorado fly to denver, go to the pot shop, light up legally. any tours available? that's next. ♪ jump, jump ♪ ♪ jump, jump ♪
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2